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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Melvin is in the house!

“I may be posing, but I’m thinking about Melvin”

“We are here to see Melvin,..oh and the band too”

“Tonight, it’s all about Melvin”

R Bar Dormont


“Melvin’s birthday!”


All that is missing in this picture is Melvin

“Melvin is the best, ...the best!”

Lucky to be with Melvin

“You mess with Melvin,  you mess with me!  Got it??!”

“...Happy birthday dear Melvin….”

“This one goes out to Melvin………”

“Where is Melvin?”

Melvin and the Rock-Its

Trying to get in the picture with Melvin


“We’re here to party with Melvin”

“We don’t know Melvin, but we hear she is awesome!”

Melvin, hangin’ with her “peeps”

Thinking about Melvin

Melvin vows to drink one shot for every year since she’s been alive…....a true labor of love

“Who’s birthday is it?”

“It’s great to see you Melvin!”

Look out baby….here comes Melvin!

That’s just how Melvin rolls!

“Oh yeah, that’s right!  It’s Melvin’s birthday!