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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Zumba  girls

Hairdressers Jeannie and Donna

“So, you’ll give us 5 bucks to take our picture?”

….with Craig

“Don’t even THINK about touching my pizza!”

This chick is tough!

….But she is sweet as pie to me

Couldn’t be happier to be here

“We’ll be your referees for tonight”

Everybody wants to be seen with Gary

“We’re here for the band, …..but mostly the beer”

“OK, close your eyes, count to ten and I’ll hide!

“Look, they’re taking our picture with the band”

Happy to be here with Dan

Mingling with the crowd

Dan and Todd

Jack, Sound Engineer 1

Jack, Sound Engineer 2

Todd on drums 1

Todd on drums 2

Todd on drums 3

Gary playing guitar

Dan playing the bass

Dance, dance, dance

Zippy’s in Brookline