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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

It’s her 21st birthday!

“I’m gonna give you such a big hug!”

Lucille, Ken and clan

Family birthday celebration

Rob, Joyce and Gary

Jeanie’s son Brian, Jeannie and Lucille

Gary and Mary Lou

Lucille and Jeannie

Zippy’s in Brookline


We’ll be your bartenders for the evening

“Watch what happens when I press this button!”

Rob sits in for a song

Gary (a former Rock-It member) sits in also

Gary & other Gary

Other Gary and Gary

“Let me save this moment in a picture”

Candy and Gary

Craig and his better half, Jeannie

Craig’s son Brian and Craig

“So this is what it feels like to drink alcohol!”

Guest singer/guitarist

Bass man Dan


Jammin’ 2

Craig Jammin’