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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Two bass players

I’m so happy to be here

Let me know when I have to look at the camera

Smile for the camera

Can I get a copy of this picture?

Hilltop Catholic dudes

Leslie and Craig have know each other since childhood

I can use this as my Christmas card picture

Zippy’s in Brookline


Dude, we have the same jackets!

“We’re number one”

Jeannie and Craig


““You guys are like sisters to me!”

“Thumbs up, dude”

“Hurry, take the picture before Jack wakes up!”

“Do you know how to play,..ah….I forget.”

Todd on drums

Laid back Dan

Sour puss and smiling guy

Focused on playing

He plays drums AND looks good for the picture