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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Gary (Lead Singer) with R Bar fans

Some of the Zippy’s gang (sorry about the eyes closed)

“We’re here for the beer but the band’s good too!”

Chicks dig the drummer

Take 2

Take 1

Jeannie’s friend Marion with friends & family

“Check it out…….I’m on the Internet!”

Jeannie with daughter Sarah

Craig & Sarah

Family night at Zippy’s

I told you……..chicks dig the drummer

“OK, if this picture’s not good, take another one.”

Zippy’s - 4/18/09



Actually, they’re both pretty good

John & Craig

Jim & Mitch join the band for a few songs

Jim singing, Mitch playing

Everybody playing

The tambourine man

Gary & Mitch

Rik 1

Rik 2

Rik 3

Mitch posing