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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Jeannie & friends

Kristina, Brian, Ray & Jeannie

Michelle (not Melissa) & Doug

Dave & Shelley (Craig’s sister)

Someone else with eyes closed, plus an addition

One person with eyes closed

Here is one of Dan since I missed him last time

Waiting for the band to go back on

These 2 lovely ladies are available…….

….So you better work on your pick up lines

Marsha & Lori (I hope I got that right)

Take 2

Sandi (Craig’s friend from Schneider Downs)

Linden Grove - 4/24/09 (Friday)

Castle Shannon


Gary and a few of the R Bar Girls—Tanya, Mel, and Susan

Gary and a few more of the R Bar Girls—Tanya, Mel, Keely and Susan

Cindy & Cliff, staying longer than they intended

Providing excellent customer service