Hard Rock Cafe - 1/31/09—Set B

Steelers Super Bowl Party

Special thanks to John Kreutzer for taking the pictures

These are from John’s camera


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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Happy birthday Lori!

The Schneider Downs gang joins the party

“We’re still waiting for the band.”

“Will the band be playing soon?”

“Go Steelers!”

I’m sure the band will be on any minute.”

Ladies & gentlemen, The Rock-It Band!!!”

“Was that really Mike Streza on stage singing?”

Craig & Gary singing and playing

Craig posing for picture

Craig, Gary & Dan

The band

“I drank 5 beers to his 1 beer.”

Aaron & Gina

Gary, the lead singer

Craig on guitar…..and singing too

Dan on bass

Rik on drums

Craig, Gary & Dan

Craig, Dan & Gary

Michelle, Lori & friends

Craig again

Craig & Gary again