Zippy’s - 1/12/08

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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Zippy’s Saloon in Brookline

Olive (Gary’s sister) & Barb (Olive’s friend)

The regulars at Zippy’s

Dominic, Shirl, Michele & Maureen

Gary, posing with the ladies

Jessica (1 of 2 twins). John & Kevin

Kristina (mom to be) & Brian (dad to be)

Zippy’s Staff meeting

Jeannie & Nancy

Craig, looking a little intense

Gary screaming “yeaaaaaaah”

John doing his solo

Casual wear would have been OK too.

The 2 very happy ladies at Zippy’s

Happy New Year 2008!

See you at the next gig!


Hangin’ at Zippy’s

Jessica (again) and Kevin (again)

Rik, the drummer

Rich, guest vocalist on “Rodahouse”

Gary, Jeannie, Rik & Nancy

Dancing with the star

Not sure who they are but they seemed nice

Gary, Rik & John

Kevin on drums

Craig with high school classmate Greg

I think she didn’t want her picture taken

Little did I know, there was a lot of talcum powder on that speaker.  Yes, my butt was white the rest of the night.