Zippy’s - 2/23/08-A

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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Happy Birthday Rene’

Rene’s Birthday Well-Wishers

“Hello Joan”

“I don’t know Rene’, but I’m here to party anyway.”

“I just came for the drinks and the birthday cake”

I think this is the sign for “Rock & Roll”, or “Look at these”

Rik On Drums

Rik again on drums

Jim & Gary

Chris & Natalie join for a few songs

Chris on guitar

Chris, Natalie & Rik

I think this is a very good picture of Natalie

This is also a very good shot.

Tony & Matt

Chris, Natalie, Rik, John & a guy going into Men’s room

Jeannie joins in on tambourine

Pregnant and pregnanter

This is some of that “fret board acrobat” stuff

Rik, counting it off

Jeannie & John

Craig, looking way too serious