Rex Theater “Big Beatles Night 4” - 2/16/08-B by Debbie

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A Classic Rock Band

The Rock-It Band  (Pittsburgh, PA)

See you at the next gig!

A view from the other side

Gary, Jeannie & Rik, before the performance

Jeannie, mingling with the crowd

Paulette, Rik & Gary

Rock-It, choking John

Jeannie & The Rock-It Band

Philip Damer belting out “Let It Be” - This kid was great.

A view from the audience #1

These guys were also excellent.

A view from the audience #2

Debbie & Rik

Beatles equipment collection by Pittsburgh Guitars

Debbie used this shot to practice with my camera

This is Debbie’s 2nd practice shot

Debbie doesn’t need any more practice, but does anyway

I’m pretty sure these are the Elliots

They are performing “Let It Be”

Philip & Ed Damer with the house band

Close up of Gary

Close up of Craig

Debbie, Gary & Jeannie after the performance

Jeannie & Debbie